Kapoor Watch Co. Kapoor Watch Co.


Kapoor Watch Company, a legacy. Kapoor Watch Company is India’s largest chain of luxury watches operating since 1967. KWC is a vision of Mr. D.S. Kapoor who started this as a modest watch servicing company. Carrying this legacy forward in the world of luxurious appurtenances, Mr. Amarjeet Kapoor and Mr. Sandeep Kapoor have spread the brand across Delhi-NCR region with 8 luxury watch boutiques with as many as 25 luxury brands from the world of sacrosanct watchmakers

In this world of luxurious appurtenances we bring to you world’s finest luxury timepieces, leather goods, writing instruments, cufflinks so as to make you stand out of the world.

Our success over the years can be attributed to our loyal commitment to our customers. We strive to cultivate this relationship with our customers for a lifetime. We pride ourselves for our love for luxury and to reconnect with your vision for the luxurious living, personal purpose, values, and passion

We feel immense pleasure to answer any and all your queries so please approach us to enquire, and you can always use the get in touch button or call directly on our contact number. We promise to do our best to find the timepiece you desire, or provide you with a comparable current model as a second choice.