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A subsidiary of France's LVMH and founded in 1980 by Carlo Grocco, Hublot is a Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacturer with a per annum revenue of €262.6 million, as of 2012. Hublot is also the founder and the first to use a completely rubber based strap for wristwatches, which became a commercial success in the year following its release, generating an additional $2m in sales by the end of the year.
A pioneer in watchmaking design, professionals at Hublot work closely with the designers to develop objects of art and perfection. Hublot wristwatches have a distinct style profile to them accompanied by elegant French overlays. Hublot believes in making their workshops the place where the "Art of Fusion" is achieved with precision. Hublot combines the age-old tradition and art of watchmaking with modern materials and construction techniques to produce their wristwatches. The prices of Hublot watches in India are competitively set to accommodate the top-of-the-line materials used and the excellent craftsmanship that goes into making each of their luxury wristwatches. A few of the Hublot men's watches available in India are the Hublot Big Bang, the Hublot Classic Fusion, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang, the Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang, the Hublot Big Bang Pop Art, the Hublot Big Bang Unico and the Hublot King Power Unico.
Hublot has 80 boutiques worldwide which specialise in the handling, care and maintenance of Hublot watches. With their headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, Hublot has 200 employees working for the Hublot brand, as of 2010.


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