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Roger Dubuis

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Founded in 1996, Roger Dubuis is the name of a luxury watch and jewelry manufacture brand. Founded by Roger Dubuis along with Carlos Dias, Roger Dubuis is a brand known for producing quality wristwatches, which offer premium comfort combined with effortless style and technical advantages.
By 1980, Roger Dubuis had found his atelier after designing complications for Patek Phillipe & Co. for 14 years; Dubuis also undertook commissions to develop complications for major brands for several years. He launched the brand along with Carlos Dias, who worked as a designer for Franck Muller for several years. Governed by a desire to deliver innovative products while respecting traditions, Roger Dubuis has constantly pushed the boundaries of technical advancements and boldly goes where no other watch maker has gone before. Materials, colors and the technical components are the pillars that support the vivid, exhilarating and the avante garde style of Roger Dubuis timepieces. These timepieces made by Roger Dubuis carry an unmistakable imprint of passionate and effervescent design ethic that surpasses constraints and conventions. Roger Dubuis watches’ prices are competitively adjusted to meet the production capabilities that are necessary for the manufacture of these watches. Some of the Roger Dubius watches available in India for purchase are the Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur 45, the Roger Dubuis Hommage, the Roger Dubuis La Monegasque and the Roger Dubuis Velvet Series.
The manufacturing side of Roger Dubuis is rolling out exquisite horological advancements, which require top-of-the-line production technology. Combining cutting-edge technology with respect for the age-old tradition of mastering horological technicalities, Roger Dubuis manufactures their watches with the entire spectrum of expertise required to create luxurious expressions of comprehensive expertise. With their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Roger Dubuis’ sales and shipping operations are carried out worldwide.


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