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A new and bold entry into the luxury wristwatch market, Seven Friday is a Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacture company started by Studio Divine. The company debuted its initial models into the market in 2012, using complications and movements made by Citizen. By the March of 2014, Seven Friday had sold more than thirty-nine thousand watches worldwide, making Seven Friday one of the fastest growing and popular luxury wristwatch companies. Seven Friday also hosts a series of water- and land-based sport events called The Seven Friday Games.
Inspired from the heavy and rustic elements of the Industrial revolution, Seven Friday watches are bold and futuristic in their design, with state-of-the-art casing construction which can hold on its own under water. The watches also come packed with a water pressure resistance for depths as low as 30 meters. The watches have a chunky stylized look to them consisting of rubber or stitched and cured leather straps combined with a heavy square case of the movements and dials. Using top-of-the-line technology, Seven Friday watches are equipped with NFC to authenticate and connect the watch with a phone-based app, minimizing the effort required to manually synchronize the time on the watch.
Seven Friday watches are on the lower end of the price spectrum in terms of a luxury watch. Some of the Seven Friday watches available in India for purchase are the Seven Friday Boiler, the Seven Friday Bright, the Seven Friday Bully, the Seven Friday Essence, the Seven Friday M1/01, the Seven Friday M1/03, the Seven Friday M2/01, the Seven Friday Racer, the Seven Friday Revolution, the Seven Friday Speedo, the Seven Friday Works and the Seven Friday Steamer.


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