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Gender Men
Movement Automatic
Case Size 47mm - Above
Strap Type Leather
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Seven Friday

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Seven Friday WATCHES

SevenFriday is a luxury wristwatch manufacturing company started by Daniel Niederer with the concept of 'affordable luxury' in mind. The company debuted its watches into the market in 2012. Today, the brand exists in about 88 countries, making it one of the fastest-growing and popular luxury wristwatch companies in the whole world. The watchmaker also hosts a series of water and land-based sports events in Switzerland called The SevenFriday Games.

Inspired from the heavy and rustic nuances of the Industrial Revolution, SevenFriday watches are bold and futuristic in their looks, with state-of-the-art casing construction which can do pretty well underwater as well. The watches also come packed with water resistance for depths as low as 30 meters. Seven Friday watches are also equipped with top-notch technology such as NFC to authenticate and connect the watch with a phone-based app.

SevenFriday watches are also among the first to openly embrace outsourcing their work to Chinese labour, which is also why the 'luxury' watches lie on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Some of the Seven Friday watches available in India for purchase are:  

Seven Friday Boiler
Seven Friday Bright
Seven Friday Bully
Seven Friday Essence
Seven Friday Racer
Seven Friday Revolution
Seven Friday Speedo


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