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 D-15, South Extension-II, New Delhi-110049

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Maintenance Services
Battery Change
Strap Change
Glass Replacement

Kapoor Watch Company is authorised to deliver complete watch servicing.

Please, feel free to connect with us if you would like to avail any other service for your watch.

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servicing guide

1 Booking & Estimation


First step involves booking the watch at our service center or store to get an evaluation report on the working of the watch. Even if the watch comes for cleaning, our experts will put the watch on checking to test its performance.

2 Dismantling the watch


The complete movement and other outer components are dismantled to absolute zero stage that can go up to 400 small parts which a watch contains.

3 Cleaning


The watchmaker places the dismantled watch into an Ultrasonic cleaning tank, which is a 5-step process of a thorough clean.

4 Change of Parts


Movement components as well as exterior parts like the glass, bezel, bracelet/leather are examined for any damage and all defected parts are replaced with new ones. Spare parts used by our service center are all procured by the respective brands.

5 Polishing


Under this process our polishing expert polishes the case and bracelet until they look as good as new. For this our experts are trained at manufacturers on how to correctly maintain the characteristic surfaces of different brands and models.

6 Reassembly & Lubrication of the movement


Reassembly & Lubrication of the movement Once the watchcase and other parts have come back from cleaning and polish, the technician begins the reassembly process of the movement.

7 Movement Testing


In the first stage a watch is examined by a technician and the details of the faults and servicing are conveyed to the client along with its estimated cost for approval.

8 Casing & water proof Testing


The watch is water pressure tested in a machine to a specified depth of the particular model. If there is a leak, the gaskets are replaced and the watch is tested again. If the crystal is the point of entry, a Crystal Replacement Service may be necessary.

9 Winder Test


A winder test is the final test that is performed on the watch after it has been completely reassembled by the technician. The winder winds the watch’s mainspring to analyze the power reserve of the watch. This test takes 7 days in order to certify proper functioning of the timepiece.


The Kapoor Watch Co. Service Center was established in 1967, the year the company was founded itself. Dalip Singh Kapoor himself laid down the foundations of this venture. Today, the service centre is one of a kind in the entire country. The facility has state of the art infrastructure with top-notch equipment and personnel. It is capable of carrying out repair and maintenance activities for Swiss watches. The technicians are well trained, experienced, and officially certified by Swiss watch brands.


Kapoor Watch Co. has been in the watch business for over 50 years. This number translates into a vast experience accompanied by a specific set of skills that the business has acquired over decades. The Kapoor Watch Co. Service Centre uses this experience and puts it to good use by combining knowledge with state of the art equipment and expert personnel. By choosing Kapoor Watch Co. Service Centre you choose experience, quality, and a history of always putting the customer first.


The Kapoor Watch Co. Service Centre is situated at D-15, South Extension-II, New Delhi – 110047. The service centre is a two-floor facility with the reception and customer lounge on the ground floor and the technical bay on the first floor. With state of the art infrastructure and equipment, the service centre is adept in tackling repair and maintenance queries in the best possible fashion. Contact us today at 011-41349738