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Tissot Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 - Model No. T137.

Founded in 1853 by father-son duo Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot, Tissot is a leader in the traditional Swiss watch industry, exporting more than 4 million watches every year. Tissot stands by its tagline, “Innovators by Tradition”, and the high quality of the brand with every component is recognised worldwide. Inspired by the Art Deco and the Art Nouveau movement, Tissot watches bear resemblance to the aesthetic cues of the 1920s and 1930s, with a healthy emphasis on innovation.

Tissot watches are some of the most iconic and stylish watches to have ever been manufactured in the history of the industry. The watches are made keeping in mind the long-running Swiss tradition of making timepieces with an equal focus on technology. The brand is also the official timekeeper and partner for several global sporting events such as basketball with the NBA and FIBA; cycling with the Tour de France and the UCI World Cycling Championships; motorsports with Moto GP TM and the FIM World Superbike Championship and many more besides in the sports of ice hockey, fencing and rugby.

The plus sign in the Swiss Flag within the Tissot logo symbolises Swiss quality and reliability that the brand has demonstrated since 1853. As a subsidiary of Swatch Group, the largest producer and distributor of timepieces in the world, Tissot is arguably the best entry-level Swiss brand in the watchmaking industry today.

Tissot watches come in a variety of references such as Tissot T-Touch (The first tactile watch in 1999), Tissot Le Locle, a timeless, classic, automatic watch with 80 hours of power reserve and the sporty Tissot T-Race, among others. Exceptional materials and advanced functionality are combined together to create these fine timepieces of accessibility.

Tissot T-Touch

Tissot is probably the most loved and revered watchmaker in the whole world. The watchmaker has over a century of experience under its belt and there is no denying that. The Swiss watchmaking icon has come a long from making traditional vintage inspired watches and the Tissot T-Touch is proof of that. The timepiece has a touch function that allows for higher user engagement and a whole new spectrum of utility. The watch is immensely popular among tech-savvy people and the youth. Tissot T-Sport is usually known for vintage inspired and traditionally styled watches. The T-Sport collection, however, would like to disagree. The collection consists of an array of sporty timepieces that defy the stereotype that the watchmaker is often associated with. The collection has many noteworthy watches such as the Chrono XL and V8 watches. It is truly fascinating how far the brand has come since its inception. From manufacturing pocket watches and selling them in Eastern Europe to being a global face for quality Swiss watches, Tissot has literally evolved.

Tissot T-Classic

Over the years, Tissot has become more than a watchmaker. From being founded in 1853 by the father son duo of Charles Felicien Tissot and Charles Emile Tissot to becoming a reputed global watch brand under the wings of the Swatch Group, the watchmaker has undergone a complete transformation. However, its roots can still be found in watches such as the Tissot T-Classic. The collection is saturated with classy dress watches that will take you back in time.


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