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Rado Anatom Automatic  - Model No. R10202209

One of the most forward thinking watch manufacturers today, Rado is an epitome of luxury and innovation. This Swiss watch brand, founded by Ernst and Werner Schlup in 1917, is known for creating some of the most recognizable and durable watches that are famous for their innovative style and elegance. A pioneer in modern watchmaking, Rado is well recognised for its unconventional designs and colour pallets, while still retaining the air of a luxury Swiss-made watch.

Since the beginning of the brand in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has kept true to its brand philosophy of “If we can imagine it, we can make it”. It has successfully created a niche for itself in the watchmaking industry today, with one after the other breakthrough collections ranging from automatic, ceramic, designers and diamond watches. Rado watches are made with finest materials combined with innovative designs that help them stand the test of time. The legendary watchmaker goes back to a long and proud history of crafting timepieces that are durable, lightweight and comfortable for everyday use and crafted with high-tech ceramic, known for its black lustre, that lends it a distinct metallic vibe.

Rado boasts of several prestigious international design awards. Design as they say is in the DNA of the brand responsible for manufacturing some groundbreaking timepieces. Every single piece from Rado, dons its heritage of innovation and high end technology. Made with pure love and dedication, the watches make for a companion for life.

Rado specializes in the craft of producing luxury watches. The standard of elegance, traditionalism, and performance from Rado is simply outstanding. The brand has a vast collection of watches for men and women with smooth, stylish metallic and matte surfaces crafted in suave colors made for every occasion. Behind every watch that Rado makes, there goes the expertise of some of the most experienced craftsmen, thorough research and cutting edge materials with state-of-the-art technology.

Rado True

Rado is not a new name in the luxury watchmaking industry. It was founded in 1917 and ever since then all it has done is break walls and boundaries in high-end horology. The Swiss watchmaker is a remarkable example of what it takes to be a brand in one of the most flamboyant industries in the whole world. The Rado True does exactly that and then some more. The watch is sleek, marvelously designed, and is exceptionally built.

Rado Centrix

Rado is a specialist in avant-garde watches. As a matter of fact, before names like Big Bang and Excalibur even made it to the markets, it was Rado that took care of most of the innovation and research in the industry. The Rado Centrix fits this picture perfectly. The collection is a front runner for the Swiss brand in the sense it perfectly encapsulates what Rado really stands for.

Rado Ceramica

Ever heard of the ceramic revolution in luxury watches? Rado was a pioneer in that movement and was a key player that played an important role in the whole process of introducing all-ceramic watches in the mainstream industry. The Rado Ceramica is one of the earlies watches that the brand released in the markets and surprisingly the collection is still going strong even after years of its initial launch.

Rado Coupole

The Coupole collection is bit different from what Rado is usually known for. Nonetheless, the collection is an absolute banger in the sense that it takes the best elements of a typical Rado watch and puts them together in the form of a modern dress watch. The timepieces in this series are suave, stylish, and exude a degree of class that makes you fall in love with them. The Rado Coupole is a worthy member of the watchmaker’s elaborate arsenal of watches and its presence in the brand catalogue is more than justified.

Rado DiaMaster

Rado made its way to real fame back when it came up with the DiaStar, the world’s true scratch proof timepiece. The watch made waves in the industry and put Rado on the helm as the most innovative watchmaker of that decade. Thus began the rein of Rado watches. In 2013, the Swiss watchmaker repeated this by launching the Rado DiaMaster. The watches in the collection use high-tech ceramics and displays signature Rado design codes such as minimalism and class.

Rado Hyperchrome

Since the very beginning, Rado has never been one to be known for high-precision chronographs. The brand has always associated itself with the dressier side of the spectrum. But this changed when the Rado Hyperchrome made it to the markets. Today, the timepiece is a symbol for tough build, sturdiness, precision, and functionality. Rado really outdid itself with this watch and it clearly show how. The Hyperchrome is a master stroke from the watchmaker in the sense that it successfully combines the best of both the world.

Rado Integral

For over a century now, Rado has been in our lives and in the industry that we so revere. The brand has proven its worth and integrity but delivering nothing but exceptional watches that not only do justice to the art of fine watchmaking but also to the buyers who decide to invest in it. The Rado Integral is a worthy mention here. The watch thrives in simplicity and does an amazing job at putting Rado’s core values and principles to use.

Rado True Thinline

The True collection is one of the flagships that the Swiss watchmaker so proudly boasts of. The series entails an array of watches that stay true to the typical Rado design language that brought the brand fame in the first place. The Rado True Thinline is a line of timepiece under the True collection. These are ultra-thin watches that take the grandeur of True timepieces to a whole new level.