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Longines Conquest - Model No. L3.835.4.32.9

Established in 1832 by Auguste Aggasiz in Saint-Imier, Longines is a Swiss watch brand featuring classic luxury watches that have stood the test of time. Inspired by aviation, its winged hourglass logo is recognised worldwide for producing quality accurate sport watches and chronographs, making it available in over 150 different countries. Longines' proven reliability and accuracy has led to it being the official timekeeper of international federations and major sporting events in American Football, Tennis, Skiing, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Athletics and Aeronautics. Longines provided timers for the very first modern Olympic games in 1896, has been used in North Pole expeditions since 1899 and tried and tested in the most extreme conditions, proving quality and accuracy time and again.

With innovation, reliability and accuracy as its cornerstone, Longines developed its first chronograph in 1878 which was quickly adopted by horse enthusiasts worldwide. In 1972, the brand produced the very first watch with an LCD display, illustrating its forward looking nature. Longines has also marked the history of aviation by timing, among other feats, the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh.

At Longines, the selection of material has always been unique and perfectly apt. The watches are crafted with the tiniest details in mind, providing them an edge over the Swiss watchmakers around the globe.

Longines watches do justice to all occasions and the style and panache shine through in each of its masterpieces. The delicacy of its watches enthralls watch aficionados with their harmonious lines, clearly legible faces and sophisticated shapes inspired by timeless class and ageless refinement. Available in a wide range of models, all distinguished by their refined style, the charm and character of the brand’s automatic watches is bound to appeal to even the most demanding people.

Longines Conquest

The Conquest collection is a flagship from the watchmaker that put it on the world map for watchmaking. The brand has evolved manifold in the recent past and it clearly shows how its approach towards the sublime art of high-end horology has transformed over the years. Longines is a huge name in the world of watchmaking and the Conquest collection surely plays a major role in making it so. The watches are suave, classy, and most importantly, exceptionally built

Longines Master Collection

In a world where watchmaking is slowly drifting to a different direction than what it used to be on, it is watches such as the Longines Master Collection that help its stay on track. The series is home to an array of timepieces that focusses on the very essence of luxury watchmaking. This includes top-notch complications, classic watch aesthetics, and simplicity at its finest. The collection is a true gem as it brings out the best of watchmaking and puts it nicely on a silver platter. On top of that, the pricing is lucrative.

Longines Dolce Vita

While there are watches under Longines’ roof that prove its competence as a modern watchmaker, there are timepiece that also show that it is very much in touch with its roots as a full-fledged transitional horologist. The Longines Dolce Vita is exactly that and then some more. The collection features watches that take inspiration from the much talked about Dolce Vita lifestyle, a utopian way of living that seeks pleasure in every way.

Longines HydroConquest

If you thought the Conquest collection was the best that Longines could provide you with, you might want to change your position on that once you check out the Longines HydroConquest collection. These watches follow up on the design codes of the conquest collection and then add a ton of functionality and sportiness to it. The timepieces are bolder, sturdier, and have an impressive resistance to water pressure.