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ABOUT Longines The Longines Master Collection COLLECTION

Longines The Longines Master Collection - Model No. L2.919.4.97.6

The Longines Master collection, which embodies the essence of Swiss watchmaking, is an ideal fusion of heritage and innovation. This notable collection captures the lasting legacy of Longines, the epitome of precision and style. It is the blend of timeless beauty and contemporary technology in the Master collection which gives it its allure. It offers its watches with a range of aesthetics while design language stays consistent .

Longines, with its long and prestigious history, continues to perfect its craftsmanship. As a result, it offers a range of products that attracts watch lovers of distinct tastes. Whether one prefers a discreet, elegant dress watch or a more complication laden timepiece, the Master collection provides a range of exquisite options. 

The Master Story

The story of Longines Master watches is a saga of eternal refinement and precision which has transformed throughout the years. Longines started to make watches that had both beauty and utility as early as the 20th century and thus the Master Collection had its origin.

In 1956, the first Longines wrist chronograph that revolutionized watchmaking was introduced, and thus marked a significant occasion in the collection’s history. With time, Longines further enriched and expanded the collection, introducing many complications like moon phase, day-date, and chronograph functions. These watches were not only the proof of the brand's precision mastery but also reflected the timeless design language that went beyond the fashion.

In the 21st century, the brand has been enhancing its Master Collection, embedding advanced materials and movements, and honoring the heritage of Longines. Today, these watches are the ideal combination of classic design and modern technology and the ideal example of Swiss art of watchmaking.

Specifications Of The Master

The cases of Longines Master watches are made of stainless steel, 18K gold, or a combination of both, and there exist some variations in rose gold. The case width ranges from 25mm to 44mm, catering diverse tastes and ensuring a perfect fit to different wrists. A vital feature is water resistance of 3 bars or 30 meters, offering protection against contact water in daily routine. The watches may comprise of sapphire crystals, and some may showcase transparent case backs for showcasing the movement. 

The technical elements and features of Longines Master watch dials are quite diverse. The Longines Master collection offers a choice of dial colors ranging from classic silver, black and white to more contemporary hues like blue, green, salmon pink and many more. These dials are designed with applied indexes or Roman or classy Arabic numerals adding elegance to each watch. Subdials in a range of models perform different roles such as time keeping of elapsed periods. Depending on the model, the subdials may show small seconds, a 24-hour indicator, or day and date information. These watches can also feature some complicated features like moonphase indicators in select models. The hands can be in blue, pink or steel indicating functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, and a date, often indicated by a half-moon date indicator hand,. The Longines Master collection equipped with precise Swiss-made automatic movements is characterized by their technically precise and aesthetically varied dials, which address the tastes of a broad audience or watch lovers.

The Longines Master collection offers a range of strap options to complement their designs. These straps are generally crafted from genuine leather, with variations in color and finish. Classic hues such as black, brown, and blue are prevalent, feeding to traditional preferences. For a sportier look, some models come with stainless steel bracelets, adding versatility to the collection. These bracelets may feature a blend of polished and satin brushed links. The choice of straps, whether leather or stainless steel, is designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of the timepiece, ensuring that the wearer can select the option that suits their style and comfort preferences. In the Longines Master collection, the strap color options cater to both men and women. For Longines watches for men, they feature straps in classic and versatile tones like black, brown, and blue. These understated colors complement the collection's masculine designs. In the case of Longines watches for women, the brand offers similar colour tones as the men's collection, while the watches often exhibit relatively smaller case sizes and leaner straps and bracelets, keeping the bold look intact. The diversity in styles and designs in the collection ensures a diverse range of options to suit different style preferences.

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