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Longines Longines Mini DolceVita - Model No. L5.

Longines first women's watch model became available to the public in 1892. This had seen an increase in the number of women who had started working and thus required a practical, yet fashionable wristwatch.

Early Longines womens watch models were mostly small and dainty with uncomplicated design. Nevertheless, over time, designs advanced in complexity and boldness of the character of women’s watches it showcased. Longines started making timepieces, which had large cases, complicated dials, and delicate metals around the case. It even came up with a whole new line of Longines diamond ladies watch.

The wristwatches gained quick popularity among women as they were light and convenient, as opposed to heavy and uncomfortable pocket watches. In the early 1900s, Longines became one of the pioneers in ladies’ wristwatches. Longines watches for women stood out as elegant in design and of great workmanship 

During the 1920’s and 30’s, Longines kept curating and designing attractive watches for ladies. The company came up with a number of new lines such as the DolceVita and the Evidenza. In these collections, there were different design features of watches from simple to very elegant to the ultimate eye-catchy flashy watches.

Longines later developed a new range of watches for women. The brand launched a couple of new watch models, such as La Grande Classique de Longines and HydroConquest. Women all over the world found these models fashionable and of high quality workmanship that could serve them from time immemorial.

What Makes Longines Women so Special?

Longines watches for women are famed for their elegance, refinement, and craftsmanship. All watches made by Longines womens watch use expensive materials and good workmanship, and the same is witnessed in its Longines female watch collections.

The cases of Longines ladies watch references are usually in stainless steel or gold, with some models having PVD coating in gold or are two-toned. Others have designs with diamonds crowning the edge of the bezels or embedded in the case itself, lightening it up. Straps and bracelets are made of stainless steel or leather.

Hands of the Longines female watch are usually fashioned out of steel or pure gold while pointed or leaf-shape has become standard design paired along with Arabic or Roman numerals, applied markers or indices studded with precious gems, adorning the dials along with sophisticated leather straps, stainless steel or two-toned bracelets. The crowns mostly come with knurled edges for the ease of grasping.

If your style is more classy and posh, collections like the La Grande Classique de Longines, Longines Evidenza, PrimaLuna, Master Collection, Conquest Classic, DolceVita, and the Record Collection are sure to suit your taste. However if your lifestyle is more outgoing and active, collections like the Conquest and Legend Diver will surely match your style.

Whatever your taste, your search for either and more ends at Longines watches for women. There is a Longines womens watch that has the right style and design for every woman in the broad spectrum of styles and designs.

With its trustworthiness and longevity, a Longines ladies watch makes a perfect gift choice and is one of the brands cherished by watch enthusiasts globally. It is one of the flag bearers of the famed Swatch Group, known for its top-line luxury watch brands. 

Haven of Elite Craftsmanship - The PVD Process

Longines coats some of its watches with a thin layer of metal by using the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. This process is utilized to attain different finishes such as black, white, golds including gold, and rose gold among others.

The PVD process is very accurate and well regulated. This is why Longines produces superior-finish watches. Enduring wear and tear is another characteristic of PVD coatings.

With this PVD coating the Longines timepieces are able to attain a finish and hue that is incomparable and unique. The watch exude a sheen that put them on a pedestal among some of the top watchmakers. 

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