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ABOUT Franck Muller Sunrise COLLECTION

Franck Muller Sunrise - Model No. 6002 M QZ SNR D CD-5N

Known for their distinctive shaped cases and intricate dial designs, the Sunrise collection features colorful and artistic timepieces that emits the beauty of a sunrise. Franck Muller is famous for its artistry and unique watch designs, making the Franck Muller Sunrise watches a popular choice among watch lovers.

The bold design of the Sunrise series reflects Franck Muller’s vision of femininity, elegance and seduction. The brilliance of the diamonds beautifully complements the subtle delicateness of the mother-of-pearl dial.

Celebrating Femininity

Franck Muller's Sunrise collection offers a different range of exquisite watches with various case shapes ranging from the oval shape emitting delicateness to the classic round shape giving off a more traditional look to their square style which combines the elements of both oval and round shapes. These timepieces are strictly crafted from premium materials such as pink gold and other precious materials.

In the Sunrise collection, diamonds represent the exquisite embellishments, elevating these timepieces to a realm of unequaled luxury. The pattern these diamonds and pink gold draw on the mother-of-pearl dial creates an image of the sun.

Precisely selected and meticulously set, these diamonds beautify the cases and the dials transforming each watch into a glowing masterpiece. Their exceptional cut, clarity, and brilliance not only enhance the aesthetics but also serve as a testament to Franck Muller's commitment to using the finest in the creation of these high-end, statement-making timepieces.

The hallmark of Franck Muller Sunrise watches lies in their artistic dial designs adorned with unique diamond embedded hour labels. Franck Muller known for its in-house movements, house quartz movements in these watches making sure of accurate timekeeping. With high-quality leather straps in an array of colors, the Sunrise collection embodies Franck Muller's commitment to horological artistry and aesthetic innovation.

Franck Muller's Sunrise collection is a testament to the brand's exceptional watchmaking art. These timepieces go beyond bare functionality, serving as wearable works of art. Connoisseurs are drawn to these watches, as each one tells a distinct horological story. These Franck Muller watches for women represent the zenith of watchmaking artistry, where innovation meets art to produce timepieces that capture the essence of a new dawn with every regard.

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