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Rado True Square  - Model No. R27080162

One of the most striking features of the Rado True Square open heart is its sleek and modern aesthetic. The square case design deviates from traditional round cases, providing a distinctive and contemporary look. The watches are available in various color options and materials, including high-tech ceramic, which is not only lightweight but also highly scratch-resistant, ensuring that your watch remains in pristine condition over time.

Innovation on Display

The Rado True Square Automatic open heart design in the True Square collection is more than just an aesthetic choice. It allows you to observe the mechanical movement, a testament to Rado's dedication to horological innovation. The intricate dance of gears and springs is not only a marvel to behold but also a reminder of the brand's commitment to precision and craftsmanship.

True Square for All

The True Square Automatic Open Heart collection has Rado watches for men and women both, offering a range of designs that appeal to diverse tastes. For men, True Square watches exude strength, sophistication, and a touch of contemporary elegance. On the other hand, women's True Square watches blend elegance, innovation, and timeless style. These watches are not just accessories; they are a reflection of your individuality.

Kapoor Watch Co.: Your Portal to Rado True Square

Kapoor Watch Co. is your trusted partner in acquiring a Rado True Square watch. As an authorized retail store for Rado watches, we provide a curated selection of the True Square collection. Our mission is to offer you an unparalleled shopping experience where you can explore the world of Rado True Square and select a timepiece that resonates with your unique style.

When you choose a Rado True Square watch from Kapoor Watch Co., you're not just acquiring a watch; you're investing in a piece of horological excellence that showcases the intricate beauty of mechanical movements. Explore our collection of Rado watches for women and men today and immerse yourself in the world of Rado True Square, where innovation and elegance unite to craft watches that transcend the boundaries of mere timekeeping. These Rado watches for men and women both are true reflections of precision and sophistication.