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ABOUT Seven Friday M-Series COLLECTION

Seven Friday M-Series M2/02  - Model No. M2/02

The SevenFriday M Series stands as a remarkable testament to the brand's ability to infuse mechanical mastery with aesthetic splendor. This collection is a distinctive expression of industrial design and innovation, drawing inspiration from the world of engines and machines. Within the M-Series, each model represents a unique amalgamation of functionality and visual appeal, catering to those with a passion for mechanics and engineering.

The Seven Friday watches for men in this series come in various models, each with a different charm and allure, featuring a wide range of materials, colours, strap options and dial designs that resemble various other industrial instruments like voltameter, spaceship, etc.

Mechanical Mastery and Aesthetic Approach: Design Philosophy

The aesthetic design choices behind the SevenFriday M Series culminate in timepieces that are not just watches but expressions of mechanical fascination and innovative design. The diverse and bold color palettes, intricate dial detailing, innovative time display, and striking material combinations combine to create watches that have a broad appeal. 

The dial design of the SevenFriday watch M Series is nothing short of exceptional, featuring a multi-layered construction, these dials are built up in layers, creating a visual depth that immediately captures the eye. Each layer serves a distinct purpose, whether it's to house the timekeeping elements or to add visual complexity and texture. 

One of the standout features of the M Series dial design is the innovative approach to time display. Instead of traditional watch hands, these watches utilize rotating discs and indicators. A creative approach with textures and detailing further contribute to their visual appeal. These textures can range from intricate patterns to industrial-inspired motifs, adding depth and complexity to the overall design.

Additionally, some models within the Sevenfriday watch M series also showcase exposed balance wheels on the dial, a subtle nod to the world of horological mechanics. These balance wheels, often visible through small apertures on the dial, add an element of technical sophistication to the watches. They are a visual representation of the precise movements happening within the timepiece, inviting the wearer to appreciate the intricacies of watchmaking.

Mechanical Magic meets Modern Design: M Series

The SevenFriday automatic M series features multiple choices when it comes to watch design, from sophisticated steel cases with leather straps in subdued colours, young and playful denim straps combined with polished stainless steel case, or a burst of energy with glow in dark dials in neon colours. The fusion of watchmaking techniques, daring design choices and a powerful automatic MIYOTA movement create the allure of the SevenFriday watch M series. 

The M1's dial features a striking resemblance to the blades and components of a turbine, with its multi-layered construction and intricate detailing. The layers create a sense of depth and dimension, reminiscent of the layers of precision engineering found in a turbine. The exposed balance wheel at the 7 o'clock position, a large 47mm case, adds a subtle nod to the intricate mechanics within a turbine, inviting the wearer to appreciate the artistry of horology.

The SevenFriday M2 watches draw their inspiration from the intriguing world of vintage power measuring tools, including ammeters and old radios. The dial of the M2 watches exhibits a distinctive and unconventional layout, reminiscent of the displays found on vintage power measuring instruments. Featuring a range of designs that play with textures like denim straps, sandblasted stainless steel, PVD GunMetal bracelets, a case size of 47mm, giving a casual feel.

The use of colors and materials in the M2 collection further reinforces this vintage-inspired aesthetic; a rich brown strap with rose gold coated steel, or a stainless steel bezel with grooved black berlac lines and brown suede leather, each model exudes a sense of retro-coolness.

Another gem from the Seven Friday M series, the M3 watches are a testament to offbeat design, funky aesthetics, and a dash of futuristic flair. The M3 collection embraces various themes that add to its distinctive character. One such theme is the spaceship-inspired design, which takes cues from the futuristic aesthetics of spacecraft and interstellar exploration. 

Additionally, the M3 collection includes glow-in-the-dark watches that add an element of mystique and fascination. These timepieces harness luminescent materials to ensure readability even in low-light conditions, casting an ethereal glow that adds to their uniqueness.

The Seven Friday M series is a futuristic collection, that has aesthetics that showcase the brand’s top engineering prowess and has the heart of the watch lovers.

Kapoor Watch Company

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Featuring the entire M Series collection, including standout models like the M1/01, M2/02, M3/03, and more, Kapoor Watch Company provides watch connoisseurs with the opportunity to explore and acquire these avant-garde timepieces, each reflecting a unique fusion of industrial design, innovative time display, and bold color palettes.