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ABOUT Seven Friday T-Series COLLECTION

Seven Friday T-Series T2/01 - Model No. T2/01

The Seven Friday T Series invites you into a world where timekeeping is a canvas of creativity, a realm where sophistication meets fun, and where artistry takes center stage on animated dials that are nothing short of astonishing. 

At the heart of the T Series lies a design philosophy that dares to push the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. It's a celebration of "aesthetic innovation" where every timepiece is a unique piece of art, adorned with animated dials that are a revelation of artistry and attention to detail. Each model showcases intricate artwork and thematic designs that engage and captivate the beholder. From colorful geometric patterns to whimsical interpretations of time, these dials are an invitation to explore the boundaries of imagination.

What sets the T Series apart is its ability to strike a harmonious balance between being fun and unserious while still upholding the classic sophistication that is synonymous with Seven Friday watches. It's a collection that exudes playfulness without sacrificing the inherent elegance of the brand.

Art in Motion: The Design Philosophy of T Series

The Seven Friday T Series is characterized by a compelling design philosophy that serves as a canvas for avant-garde design principles, boldly challenging the established norms of horological aesthetics. 

A hallmark of the Seven Friday watches in T Series, lies in its intricate dials, which serve as the focal point of innovation and artistic expression. These dials are meticulously adorned with intricate detailing, captivating layouts, and unique time display methods that not only engage the senses but also stimulate the imagination of the wearer. 

Whether it’s the colorful interpretation of “Great Waves” in the T1/09 Beach Club model or the striking red and black Tiger motif in the T3/05 model, each model features a unique charm and appeal.

To achieve the delicate balance between innovation and elegance, SevenFriday places a premium emphasis on the materials used in their T Series timepieces. Stainless steel, silicon, fabric, lacquer, and exotic leathers are the chosen elements that contribute to the watches' durability while enhancing their overall aesthetics. The case size of 45mm allows a balanced canvas that allows creativity and also creates a good presence on the wrist. 

Express Yourself With T Series: Artsy, Playful and Utterly Unique

The Seven Friday T Series men watch collection is a captivating collection of timepieces that boasts a diverse array of standout models. Going in order of numbers, the T1 models, apart from classic palettes like blacks and greens, also showcase more vibrant colour schemes like aquatic blues, lemon yellow, reds and whites to create visually striking timepieces. The animated dial also includes extravagant designs like that of T1/09 "Beach Club', a playful beach artwork combined with blue silicon straps that give off a fresh energetic vibe. 

The T1/08 "Bauhaus" on the other hand displays a geometric approach to colour, paired with a stainless steel chain strap serves as a perfect laid back watch for a hot summer day.

The T2 models on the other hand play off a more subdued colour scheme like brown, dark green, black and features classic strap options like canvas, stitched leather, etc. The dial designs are intricate and detailed but features accents of rose gold, yellow gold, silver, matte black, which presents a more mature and subtle mood. 

The Sevenfriday T2 01 uses six layered brushed discs in silver, green and black for the dial construction that is inspired by industrial wheels, a dark green canvas strap with tone stitchings go hand in hand with the gradient look of the watch. Another model in the T2 line, the Sevenfriday T2 02 is a stunning warm gold and organic brown palette, giving the watch a rich and elegant appeal.

A meeting point between stylized animated dials and dark subdued colors, the T3 variants are the best of both worlds. In order to represent the head of a Tiger and an urban jungle habitat , the T3/05 "RedTiger'' and T3/04 "Green Tiger" models are characterised by genuine original dials built on a four layer construction and made of a green or red semi transparent lens material with an underlayer skeleton. The ensemble, completed by large hour and minute hands, is encircled by a brushed galvanic bronze ring. Both the models create an exotic mood on the wrist.

The T3 variants also includes T3/02 "Runway 07" set in a black-grey semi-transparent dial featuring design inspired by the airport and airport signages, is a limited edition watch.

Kapoor Watch Company

In the world of horology, Kapoor Watch Co., authorized retail store for luxury watch brands, offering a diverse and exclusive range of timepieces to enthusiasts and collectors alike. Among the prestigious brands they represent, Seven Friday watches for men occupy a prominent place, and their catalogue includes some of the most coveted timepieces, including the much loved Seven Friday T Series men watch collection and it’s famous models: Sevenfriday T2 01, Sevenfriday T2 02, Sevenfriday T3 05, T1 09, etc.

The T Series, characterized by its avant-garde design and intricate dials, is celebrated for its ability to blend urban style with technical innovation. These timepieces redefine traditional watch aesthetics, offering wearers a chance to make a bold statement with their wristwear.