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ABOUT Seven Friday V-Series COLLECTION

Seven Friday V-Series V1/01 - Model No. V1/01

The newest addition to the family that had previously included the P,M and T Series is the SevenFriday V Series. The case shape of the V series is completely different from its predecessor, which was all 47mm soft-edged squares. This watch's appearance completely changes with the installation of two left side protrusions that are part of a simple but smart FSC Fast Change Strap System. The case, which has high polished bevels and straight grained glass around the dial, gives a refined and polished appeal.

With the introduction of new complications, different dial layout, a rugged case design, iconic multi-layered dial construction and several other inclusions make the V series a completely new lineup while still paying homage to the original series. 

Other than the external details of the case, the unique time reading mechanism is the most talked about feature. It is termed as an “analogue brain teaser” as it tests the user’s arithmetic and mathematical skills. 

A Visual Extravaganza: The Design of SevenFriday V Series

The SevenFriday V Series stands as a bold testament to the realm of daring and unconventional aesthetics in the world of horology. These timepieces unapologetically defy the constraints of traditional watch design norms, venturing into uncharted territory with their audacious approach. It's a collection that celebrates boldness in every aspect, from the shapes it embraces to the choice of unique materials, the avant-garde color palettes that adorn its watches, to the arithmetic based time-reading mechanism.

One of the defining characteristics of the Seven Friday watches for men in V Series is its ability to create visual depth that captivates and mesmerizes. The multi-layered dials, a hallmark of the brand, go beyond mere functionality. These dials are not just timekeeping instruments; they are intricate works of art that beckon the observer to explore their depths and appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

While aesthetics take center stage in the Sevenfriday V Series watch collection, it's crucial to note that these watches don't compromise on mechanical excellence. Featuring a powerful Japanese Automatic Miyota Movement with a 40 hour power reserve, the watches showcase precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.

Elevate Your Style With the Bold Sophistication of V Series

Despite being a fairly new and small lineup, the Sevenfriday V Series watch collection features great variations with a blend of pristine and trendy material like sandblasted stainless steel, mineral glass, gunmetal, premium leather, etc to elevate the overall look of the watch. All the models come in a fairly large case size of 44.3mm x 53.2mm including the crown, the size is bold and unapologetic in its presence and helps draw attention to the intricate dial designs.

The V1/01 model is a soothing combination of stainless steel and blue accents, loaded with subtle details like different textures; from brushed surfaces to mirror-polished surfaces, ribbed and eggshell texture on the discs, etc. These details are so excellently incorporated in the design making the watch harmonious. The case is accompanied by black soft matte leather straps with black stitching, beautifully blending in with the traditional stainless steel, a classic combination that cannot go out of trend.

A warm and rich interpretation of the design can be seen in the V2/01 model featuring brown and bronze colour palette. The multi-layered dial construction in an opulent deep bronze hue paired with brown soft matte leather straps takes the watch design to another level. The blend of industrial and organic material creates the timeless allure of a classic watch that can be worn on every occasion.

Keeping the consistency in design, the V3 works on the original DNA and gives it a sporty twist with the prominent use of details found in industrial equipment. Carbon effects have been used to stir the central hour dial in order to generate a visual link with modern dashboard displays. The font and pad-printed integers of the dial reference a speedometer. The brushed steel surface is reminiscent of materials commonly used for the paddle boards and gear wheels.

Completing the look with a ribbed black soft matte leather strap reminiscent of a driver's seat in automobiles, the complete look of the watch is ultra-sporty and rugged.

Kapoor Watch Company

Kapoor Watch Co., authorized retail store for Seven Friday watches, offers an extensive range of collections that exemplify the brand's commitment to innovative design and mechanical excellence. Among these collections, the Seven Friday V Series takes center stage, showcasing a unique fusion of style and precision.

The Seven Friday V Series, known for its unconventional yet captivating aesthetics, includes a diverse lineup of models that cater to a variety of tastes. We provide authentic watches from the world’s most renowned brands including these unconventional timepieces, that tell a unique visual and mechanical story.