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Montblanc Special Edition Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition Ballpoint Pen


Model No.: MB127176

Great Characters
Clip Type
Ruthenium-coated clip
Barrel in precious resin
Cap in precious resin
Writing System
Ballpoint pen
0.56 x 0.69 inches
Physical Weight
53.04 g

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In 2021, Montblanc pays tribute to the visionary Enzo Ferrari: both motor racing driver and entrepreneur, he founded the legendary Scuderia Ferrari and established a global automotive empire whose name has become synonymous with superb quality and a passion for speed. Made from red precious resin, the edition symbolizes the beginning of Enzo Ferrari´s passion for motor racing. Its color is inspired by "Rosso 70 Anni", a special red color representing various iconic red tones throughout the years, first developed to celebrate Scuderia Ferrari's 70th birthday. The cap top is crowned with a Montblanc emblem embedded in a metal grid on a yellow surface, paying homage to Ferrari's birthplace, Modena Italy. The prancing horse, the famous emblem of Ferrari cars, is depicted on the back of the cap. The metal clip is adorned with a famous quote by Enzo: “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it.” The cone shows two important dates in the early career of Enzo Ferrari.

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