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Cartier Panthere De Cartier - Model No. WSPN0007

Originally launched in 1983 and subsequently reinvigorated in 2017, the Panthere watch series has held significant significance for Cartier and has garnered popularity among both famous individuals and the general public. Despite the numerous iterations of Cartier Panthere watches, they typically share common design elements such as square-shaped cases and bezels, traditional Cartier dial arrangements, and notably, flexible linked bracelets.

The Panther of Cartier

The house of Cartier has held the panther as a significant symbol for an extended period, valued for its combination of strength, elegance, enigma, and attractiveness. In 1914, Louis Cartier commissioned, renowned French illustrator George Barbier's "Lady With a Panther" drawing, which was used for a Cartier jewelry exhibition invitation. During the same year, Cartier crafted a splendid ladies' wristwatch adorned with a panther motif fashioned from black onyx and diamonds.

Continuing the tradition, Cartier has consistently drawn inspiration from the panther, crafting remarkable jewelry pieces featuring this captivating feline over the years. These creations include pieces showcasing panther heads, complete panther silhouettes, and patterns inspired by the panther's essence.

In the year 1983, Cartier watches introduced the Panthere de Cartier collection, which doesn't overtly showcase the exquisite creature, but rather does so in a subtle manner. The Panthère de Cartier watch took its name from its flexible bracelet designed to emulate the graceful movement of the large cat. The bracelet was intentionally crafted to allow the Cartier Panthere watch to function as both a timepiece and a jewelry piece, seamlessly combining beauty and practicality, elegantly adorning the wrist. As stated by Cartier, the Panthere introduced the concept of a watch that also serves as a piece of jewelry.

Resurrection of the Feline

In 2017, Cartier went back to its workshops reinvigorating its watch craftsmanship by reviving the Panthere, a move that garnered applause from both admirers and connoisseurs of timepieces. This revival not only marked the return of the legendary watch but also introduced fresh enhancements, including a broader array of metal finishes and exclusive limited edition models. The modern Panthere watch collection presents a selection of smaller watch cases, transforming the Panthere into a wristwatch tailored for women while retaining its essence as a piece of fine jewelry. Brining to you, the best of Cartier watches for women

The Celebrity Love

A representation of opulent and finely crafted watch jewelry, the Cartier Panthere watches continue to maintain its status as a highly sought-after timepiece. The watches within this collection are coveted by collectors, fashion enthusiasts, and notable figures alike due to their iconic significance. For decades, the Cartier Panthere watches have held a special place among celebrities and trendsetters.

When the collection was first launched, distinguished personalities such as Pierce Brosnan, Keith Richards, Charlie Sheen, Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna frequently adorned themselves with Cartier Panthere watches for women.

The resurgence of the Panthere has drawn a fresh wave of celebrity admirers, including names like Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, Bella Hadid, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Rihanna, and many others.

A range of styles and designs encapsulates the brand's legacy and historical significance  in horology. The Cartier Panthere watches for women exemplify a blend of exquisite materials. These timepieces are adorned with a harmonious fusion of luxurious elements, including precious metals like gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones. This combination of opulent materials not only accentuates the iconic design of the Panthere watches but also underscores Cartier's commitment to crafting enduring symbols of elegance and sophistication.

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