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Cartier Santos Dumont XL - Model No. W2SA0025

In 2018, Cartier undertook a redesign of the longstanding Santos de Cartier watch, resulting in a near-perfect all-purpose watch. This current version of the Santos still retains its versatile qualities: serving as both a sports and dress watch, embodying both modern aesthetics and vintage homage, and offering the flexibility to switch between a bracelet and a strap. 

The Legacy: Santos de Cartier watch

1904, in Paris, was the time when wristwatches were not yet common or much favoured devices, and aviation was still in its early stages. However, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont is determined to achieve flight during a time when such a feat requires tremendous courage, often leading men of that era to be institutionalized. Louis Cartier, at the height of his creative prowess, has been entrusted with designing the world's first functional pilot's watch for his friend Santos-Dumont. In contrast to the Wright brothers in America, Santos-Dumont's aspiration involves flying without the use of wings. Hence, the birth of the Santos de Cartier watch.

A Versatile Timepiece

The Cartier Santos boasts numerous outstanding features. Lovers of Cartier watches can make a selection among variations crafted from rose gold, stainless steel, or yellow gold. Regarding bracelet choices, the Cartier Santos watches present a plethora of possibilities.

You have the option to go for a watch with a leather strap, a stainless steel bracelet, or a gold bracelet. For those desiring a comprehensive experience,  the Cartier Santos models equipped with interchangeable straps are a perfect companion. Whether you lean towards a bold or understated style, Cartier Santos offers a diverse range that caters to individual preferences.

Wearing a square-shaped watch doesn't have to feel unfamiliar when embracing the Cartier Santos. The watches in this collection possess a distinctive and meticulous design, ensuring a remarkable wearing experience. Due to its well-executed aesthetic configuration, the square watch presents a captivating appearance on your wrist. Despite its square appearance, its curvature around the lugs imparts a rounded feel, enhancing its comfort. Furthermore, the Cartier Santos is adaptable to various wrist sizes, accommodating a broad spectrum from XL to Small. Presenting an elegant lineup for both Cartier watches for men and Cartier watches for women.

Class and Style

The Cartier Santos watch is an embodiment of value, guaranteeing an exceptional return on your investment. Renowned for their remarkable sturdiness and resilience, these timepieces are a testament to quality craftsmanship. With a deliberate focus on durability, Cartier has carefully chosen case materials that not only withstand impacts and resist scratches but also contribute to the watch's sleek and sophisticated appearance. A standout feature is the watch's impressive resistance to corrosion, which significantly bolsters its overall robustness and longevity.

In your quest for a timepiece that seamlessly marries durability with elegance, the Cartier Santos stands out as a compelling choice. Beyond their inherent sturdiness, these watches exude an air of refinement that's difficult to match. This elevated class can be attributed to both their meticulously crafted design and the carefully selected materials that define them. Each collection within the Cartier Santos line is more than just a watch; it's a vessel for a captivating and enthralling story. This narrative depth transforms the watch into a bona fide fashion statement, one that pays homage to heritage and tradition. The value in the terms of style and class that the collection holds delivers absolute value for the Cartier Santos price in India.

What's most captivating about Cartier Santos watches is their timeless appeal, perfectly complementing a diverse range of outfits. Whether you're dressing for a formal business gathering, a lively social event, or a relaxed hangout with friends, these versatile timepieces effortlessly rise to the occasion. Their ability to harmonize with various styles and settings is a testament to the watch's enduring charm and universal attractiveness.

The Celeb Love

The Cartier Santos has garnered a devoted following, which includes notable figures from Hollywood's most stylish male personalities like the acclaimed actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Regé-Jean Page and Rami Malek have been observed donning the Cartier Santos-Dumont model. British actor Tom Holland has also confessed his love for the Santos 100. There are more, like Oscar winners Daniel Kaluuya and Mahershala Ali making a statement by showcasing the Santos Skeleton model on the prestigious event's red carpet. The latest, Indian Cricket superstar Virat Kohli has been flaunting his new green Santos watch on his Instagram post saying "Ola Santos" making ripples over the social media. 

Kapoor Watch Co.

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