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ABOUT Franck Muller Infinity COLLECTION

Franck Muller Infinity - Model No. 3540-QZ-A-D4-CD-COL DRM-5N

Franck Muller Infinity watches are a symbol of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance, designed simply for women who appreciate the finest in horology. These timepieces are a harmonious mix of specialized brilliance and aesthetic beauty. With their delicate sizing and lavish use of diamonds, these watches aren't just accessories; they're statements of refinement and sophistication.  

These watches, strictly crafted with perfection, cater to the sapient tastes of women who demand both performance and style from their timepieces. In the world of luxury watchmaking, Franck Muller Infinity stands as a shining example of femininity intertwined with horological excellence.  

A Timeless Marvel Of Craftsmanship  

The House of Franck Muller pays homage to all women by creating Infinity, a fully new line characterized by harmonious volumes and a largely innovative design. Showcasing a spectacular work of diamond setting in its full pavé interpretation, the Infinity line is gorgeous and breath-taking. Strictly hand-crafted, the numerals can be chosen in black for elegant sobriety or in the Color Dreams for a most intense look. The fascinating and luxurious shape enables this unique watch to marry the wrist impeccably, like a precious diamond caress.  

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and perfection, Franck Muller Infinity watches possess materials of the highest quality. The cases are generally made of precious essence like gold, ensuring not only resilience but also a touch of substance. To cover the delicate mechanisms within, the dials are frequently shielded by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, furnishing a clear view of the watch's inner workings.  

Franck Muller Infinity watches are designed with a focus on aesthetics that resonate with women who appreciate luxury. Numerous models are lavishly adorned with diamonds, both on the dial and the bezel, adding a touch of glamour and complication to every moment.  

When it comes to dimensions, Franck Muller Infinity watches are delicately sized. This ensures that the watch not only fits comfortably on a woman's wrist but also complements her style faultlessly.  

One of the main features of Franck Muller Infinity watches is their movement. The brand is famous for its exceptional in-house movements, and the Infinity collection is no exception. These watches are powered by precise quartz movements, engineered to keep time with utmost accuracy.  

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