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ABOUT Franck Muller Master Square COLLECTION

Franck Muller Master Square  - Model No. 6002-M-QZ-R-AC

Franck Muller’s collections include some of the most impressive references that are seen in this generation of luxury watches. The Franck Muller Master Square watches are a fine representation of the watchmaker’s inclination towards Art Deco styled watch designs. The watches display a perfect balance between components and a harmony between all the involved materials. The Master Square collection is sleek, bold, and presents a formidable front.  

The geometric purity of its lines ensures that the appearance of this model is impeccably harmonious and symmetrical. As its name indicates, the Master Square is square in shape with rounded angles that marry the wrist seamlessly. It's available in many variations thanks to its different case sizes, color dials and Arabic or Roman numerals enhanced with a glass or relief appearance. The collection also boasts of references embellished with white and black diamonds. Harmony and balance are the watchwords when it comes to describing the design of the Master Square.  

Epitomize Luxury With Artistry 

The Franck Muller Master Square collection motions watch seekers into an empire of unmatched craftsmanship. With its striking combination of functionality and avant-garde design, this collection showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of horological excellence.  

Embodying a heritage steeped in elegance and uncompromising pursuit of excellence, the Franck Muller Master Square watches transcend the ordinary, showcasing a harmonious mix of creativity and specialized proficiency. Each Franck Muller square watch design within this remarkable collection represents the brand’s commitment to the evolution of its design language timekeeping superiority.

Franck Muller Master Square watches epitomize aesthetic excellence, as a signature of Franck Muller. The cases are built in stainless steel or precious metals like gold and are paired with brilliant dials ranging from silver to mother of pearl adorned with beautiful patterns like sunray finishes and guilloche, even rose gold dials paved with diamonds. Master Square offers both functionality and aesthetics. Sapphire crystal, known for its scratch-resistance, protects the watch face, preserving its pristine appeal. Franck Muller's Swiss watchmaking expertise ensures perfection with automatic movements, a hallmark of their Master Square collection. The leather straps are available in a vast range of colors from purple to brown, black, yellow etc. celebrating the vibrance of femininity these watches radiate. These straps complete the ensemble, making these Franck Muller square watch models a statement of luxury, complication, and unequaled artistry.  

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