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ABOUT Franck Muller Vanguard COLLECTION

Franck Muller Vanguard - Model No. V 41 S S6 AT FO VIN (ACMC)

One of the most famous names from the house of Franck Muller, epitomising excellence in the form of design, aesthetics and tech, the Franck Muller Vanguard. 

Celebrated for their unequaled perfection, distinctive design, and scrupulous use of precious materials, Franck Muller has revealed an extraordinary evolution with the introduction of the extensive Franck Muller Vanguard watches. With its alluring and sporty design, the Vanguard collection ushers in a new era, embracing clean and innovative aesthetics.  

The Vanguard collection epitomizes the flawless mix of Swiss luxury and sporting fineness, showcasing Franck Muller’s devotion to innovation, perfection, and enduring style.  

The Franck Muller Vanguard watches is from the recognized watchmaker that has made quite the impression with its unique applique hour makers, the leather and fabric straps that complement the sporty finnesse of the watch, and its stunning Franck Muller signature design cues.   

Redefining Luxury  

The Vanguard collection offers an irresistible diversity of options for watch fanatics. Within the Franck Muller watch Vanguard collection, the brand offers a remarkable variety of complications showcasing Franck Muller’s commitment to dexterity and innovative design. This exceptional collection offers features, including Tourbillon and Chronograph functions, that intrigue watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs likewise.  

The distinctive applique numerals in the Vanguard series have been strictly hand-polished and hand-brushed. The dial and crown give the final touch to the sporty fineness and unique aesthetic of the watch. The strap is cleverly integrated inside the case in order to maintain and extend the twisted aspect of the timepiece, the result being a stunning and sporty watch with a unique design.  

Franck Muller’s extraordinary collections feature detailed movements and designs and offer a remarkable selection of watches studded with diamonds. Feeding to the desires of diamond enthusiasts, both the Franck Muller watches for men and women from the Vanguard collection showcase a wealth of options, whether you prefer a diamond-set case or a glowing diamond-adorned dial. Vanguard collection showcases Franck Muller’s iconic tonneau-shaped cases, famous for their exceptional combination of aesthetics and elegance. The Franck Muller watch Vanguard collection presents different dial designs, from timeless classics to contemporary creations, incorporating complicated patterns and exquisite details.  

To give a flawless browsing experience, the Vanguard collection is organized into ten distinct sub-collections, each with a distinct aesthetic and character. Every sub-collection uniquely expresses the Franck Muller spirit, from the coveted Racing and Yachting models to the mesmerizing Master Banker and timeless classical pieces.  

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