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ABOUT Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu COLLECTION

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu King Gold Pave - Model No. 465.OS.1118.VR.1704.MXM18

In the realm of haute horology, where timekeeping transcends its utilitarian essence to become an art form, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu collection emerges as a mesmerizing masterpiece. A collaboration between Swiss watchmaking precision and the impeccable artistry of Maxime Plescia-Büchi, the founder of Sang Bleu, this collection defies convention and dares to dance upon the canvas of time itself.

Sang Bleu, a name that reverberates with the resonance of innovation and rebellion, takes its inspiration from the tattooist's artistry. Each timepiece is a testament to the profound fusion of geometric intricacy and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Intriguingly abstract and daringly unconventional, the Hublot Sang Bleu watches beckon us to look beyond the confines of tradition. The dials, with their multidimensional layers and mesmerizing geometric patterns, opens you up to creativity.

Breaking Boundaries: Big Bang Sang Bleu Design Philosophy

At the heart of this collection lies its most striking hallmark: geometric mastery. Drawing inspiration from Maxime Plescia-Büchi's iconic style, characterized by bold geometric shapes and abstract designs, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches boldly challenge traditional notions of dial and case design. The result is a timepiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional aesthetics, creating a captivating visual spectacle that immediately enchants the beholder. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, the dials exhibit a multi-layered, three-dimensional complexity that adds an unparalleled depth to their design. These layers, often featuring contrasting colors and materials, harmoniously converge to compose a symphony of shapes.

Also breaking free from traditional watch hands, Hublot Sang Bleu timepieces present an unconventional approach to displaying time. Many models employ elongated, rotating hexagonal discs to indicate the hours and minutes. 

The Sang Bleu collection embraces a diverse palette of materials, from the ethereal gleam of King Gold to the industrial allure of titanium and the resilient strength of ceramic. These materials, often polished to perfection, become the canvas upon which the Sang Bleu design unfolds.

Time Transformed: Abstract Artistry of Sang Bleu Watches

This extraordinary collection offers a variety of enticing variants, each designed to captivate a different facet of aesthetic appeal. The watches boast a diverse array of 45mm and 39mm cases, including steel, titanium, ceramic, and Hublot's exclusive King Gold—a proprietary red gold alloy. These materials, often meticulously finished with a polished or satin texture, lend a rich and tactile dimension to the watches, further enhancing their allure.

For those who seek warmth and opulence, the King Gold variants stand as a beacon of luxury. Crafted from Hublot's exclusive red gold alloy, these watches emanate a distinct reddish hue, creating a striking contrast against the Sang Bleu design's bold geometry.

In contrast, the titanium models offer a modern and lightweight alternative, reflecting an industrial design that appeals to contemporary sensibilities. Titanium, known for its exceptional durability, ensures that these watches can withstand the rigors of daily life while maintaining their striking appearance.

Meanwhile, the ceramic variants bring together strength and elegance, with their scratch-resistant properties challenging conventional norms of watch durability.This variant combines the Sang Bleu design's bold geometric aesthetics with the sleek and lustrous surface of ceramic, creating a mesmerizing juxtaposition that appeals to the discerning watch enthusiast. 

For the aficionados of extravagance, the collection showcases Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu models adorned with exquisite diamonds, an artful fusion of horological craftsmanship and high-end jewellery. Adorned with exquisite diamonds on the bezel or case, they transform into dazzling, wearable works of art. The diamonds' strategic placement adds a celestial sparkle, elevating the watches to a realm where extravagance knows no bounds. Each facet of the gemstones captures and refracts light, creating an ever-changing play of brilliance that mesmerises onlookers. 

To cater to collectors who covet rarity and exclusivity, Hublot periodically introduces limited-edition Sang Bleu watches featuring exclusive designs and materials. These watches feature exclusive designs and materials that set them apart from the mainstream Sang Bleu offerings. Each limited edition timepiece represents a convergence of art and craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of luxury watches.

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Kapoor Watch Co., authorized retail store exhibits the authentic Hublot watches. Among the offerings at Kapoor Watch Company's extensive catalogue, the Hublot collection stands out as a symbol of innovation and artistic expression. Encompassing a wide range of Hublot watches for men and Hublot watches for women showcases a wide spectrum of styles, from the classic to the avant-garde. For those with a taste for cutting-edge design, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches take center stage. This collaboration between Hublot and renowned tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi is a true masterpiece, redefining traditional notions of watch design with its geometric intricacy and unconventional time-telling methods.