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ABOUT Longines Heritage Avigation COLLECTION

Longines The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 - Model No. L2.812.4.53.2

Longines unveiled a noteworthy addition to its esteemed Heritage line, the Longines Heritage Avigation watches, a vintage and military-inspired collection, that stands proudly alongside the previously launched Heritage 1935, Heritage Diver, and Conquest Heritage 1954 models. This collection from Longines is undeniably captivating, showcasing a blend of vintage aesthetics and functional complications. 

The inspiration behind the Longines Heritage Avigation watches dates back to a 1949 timepiece crafted exclusively for the British Army. The term “avigation,” derived from the fusion of “aviation” and “navigation,” resonates with Longines' historical commitment to equipping various military units, including the original “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” designed for the Czech Air Force. 

In its essence, the original Longines Heritage Avigation watch was meticulously crafted to meet stringent military requirements, ensuring exceptional resistance, unparalleled legibility, and robust antimagnetic capabilities. 

Longines' dedication to precision and heritage shines through in its remarkable Longines Heritage Avigation watches, a testament to their enduring legacy in the world of horology.

Longines Heritage Avigation - Timeless Design

The Longines Heritage Avigation watch collection stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to elegance and precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these automatic timepieces are available in stainless steel, 18 karat pink gold, and Titanium, offering a diverse range of options for enthusiasts. The Longines Heritage Avigation boasts dimensions ranging from 38mm to 47mm, catering to various preferences. The distinctive cushion-shaped or round cases add a touch of vintage charm, while the dial colours span a spectrum from classic black, silver to deep blue and white with matte finishes or lacquered polished ones.

Intricately designed hands adorned with Swiss super luminova grace the dials, ensuring exceptional readability even in low light conditions. Some models feature embossed indexes and Arabic numerals, while others showcase painted Roman numerals, adding a classic touch to the contemporary designs. The hands come in silvered and black polished variants, with select models featuring silvered sand-blasted hands, showcasing Longines' dedication to craftsmanship.

The straps offer a pop of color, available in shades like brown, olive green, and black, allowing wearers to express their individuality. Additionally, certain watches in the collection feature unique case backs, including screw-down and transparent case back options, providing a glimpse into the exquisite movements within. For enthusiasts seeking advanced functionality, specific models are equipped with chronograph features, such as the Column wheel chronograph and single push piece chronograph. Furthermore, the inclusion of a bi-directional rotating bezel in some watches enhances the collection's versatility, making Longines Heritage Avigation a symbol of timeless style and technical innovation.

Longines Heritage Avigation - Timeless Perfection

The Longines Heritage Avigation collection embodies timelessness, and is ideal for a refined gentleman accustomed to grace and heritage. 

The Longines Heritage Avigation collection of luxury watches is a testament to precision, style, and adventure. Exuding an aura of timeless sophistication, these timepieces effortlessly complement the discerning gentleman's personality. With their classic design and meticulous craftsmanship, these watches mirror the spirit of the aviation pioneer and navigator, echoing the adventurous soul of a modern man. The intricate details, reminiscent of cockpit instruments, speak to a deep passion for exploration and the skies. The Longines Heritage Avigation watches are more than accessories; they are companions for those who dare to navigate life's uncharted territories, embracing the world with a blend of elegance and audacity.

On a similar note, the Longines Heritage Avigation GMT is a timeless masterpiece, crafted in durable 44-mm stainless steel with an antimagnetic "Faraday Cage" for optimal performance in challenging environments.

Its black dial is adorned with luminous Arabic numerals and a red 24-hour scale that pays tribute to the vintage pilot watches. Powered by the self-winding Longines Calibre L704, it tracks time, date, and 24 hours, the timepiece is ideal for global travellers. 

The Longines Heritage Avigation GMT boasts a 48-hour power reserve and pairs seamlessly with a black textured leather strap and a refined pin buckle, epitomising sophistication and functionality.

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