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ABOUT Longines Heritage Classic COLLECTION

Longines The Longines Heritage Classic - Model No. L2.828.4.73.2

Longines launched the Heritage Classic collection which honoured its history of creating exquisite dress watches through a range of reissues such as the flagship, conquest or presence that were originally manufactured in 1940s-1950. The watches have the essence of unparalleled styling, excellent artisanship and dependable Swiss movements appealing to all fans and connoisseurs.

The Longines Heritage Classic stands out through its genuine recreation of the past design. The Longines Heritage Classic watches go beyond simple reincarnations; they are handmade timepieces imbued with the spirit of Longines, attracting enthusiasts with their design language and avant-garde tech.. 

These are watches made of premium materials such as stainless steel coupled with sapphire crystal; with Swiss automatic movement that guarantees sustainability and credibility. Besides their styles and quality, these are the watches that represent a long historical life of Longines, which carries a story of enduring traditions in watchmaking.


The collection stands as a testament to Longines' beyond a century-old expertise in watchmaking, blending meticulous attention to detail and innovative flair. 

Drawing inspiration from the watches of the 1930s, these timepieces seamlessly merge historical charm with contemporary craftsmanship. The collection pays homage to iconic models from the past by reinterpreting them with a modern touch. 

From chronographs to three-hand models, each watch showcases Longines' unwavering dedication to precision and elegance. This iconic collection showcases sophisticated chronograph functionality in select models, featuring a central 60 seconds hand and a 30 minutes counter at 9 o'clock, embodying precision and elegance in one. Crafted with stainless steel cases, polished to perfection, these watches are available in various sizes to cater to diverse wrist sizes and preferences. 

In addition to its impressive chronograph features, the Heritage Classic also includes Flagship heritage models, featuring a moon phase complication, enriching the Heritage line. 

This intricate moon phase complication is elegantly positioned on a small dial, accompanied by a date hand at 6 o'clock, offering a poetic and celestial touch to the timepieces. Furthermore, the collection boasts an exclusive Longines movement, driven by a silicon balance spring that enhances its anti-magnetic properties, ensuring unparalleled precision and durability.

The dials of the Heritage Classic series are masterfully designed, featuring clean and legible layouts adorned with elements such as Arabic numerals, index markers, and baton-style hands. 

These dials also boast subtle vintage-inspired details like railroad minute tracks and classic Longines logos, radiating an aura of timeless sophistication and understated charm.

The Classic

The Longines Heritage Classic collection boasts timeless elegance through its meticulously designed watches. Encased in round-shaped stainless steel cases, these timepieces exemplify both durability and sophistication. The use of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures the watch face remains pristine, allowing wearers to admire its beauty without worry. With a water resistance of up to 5 bars, these watches are not just exquisite but also practical for everyday wear.

The dial options of the Longines Heritage Classic collection series include classic black and silver variants, adorned with painted Arabic numerals and indexes, enhancing readability and style. 

These watches feature automatic movements, epitomising precision and innovation. The hands, crafted with gilt, silvered or pink polished steel, further accentuate the watch's refined aesthetic. The collection offers a diverse range of steel bracelet and leather strap options, available in brown, blue, and black hues. 

The buckles on the straps come equipped with a triple safety folding clasp and push-piece opening mechanism, ensuring security and ease of use. Longines Heritage Classic watches merge tradition and modernity seamlessly, making them a true embodiment of horological excellence and style.

The Essence of the Heritage Classic

Longines, a venerable name in the world of watchmaking, carries a legacy marked by an unwavering dedication to meticulous detail and innovative advancements.

This collection artfully combines the brand's rich history with contemporary craftsmanship, resulting in a stunning array of timepieces that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity. 

These watches, meticulously reinterpreted from iconic models of the past, showcase a harmonious fusion of vintage charm and cutting-edge design. At the heart of these timepieces lies Longines' unwavering commitment to precision and elegance. 

The Longines Heritage Classic collection is a true embodiment of the brand's enduring legacy, seamlessly blending the allure of the past with the innovation of the present, offering timepieces that are not just watches but enduring pieces of artistry and craftsmanship.

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