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ABOUT Longines Record Collection COLLECTION

Longines Record Collection - Model No. L2.820.4.96.4

The Longines Record collection offers a remarkable mix of classic aesthetics and precision. Launched to celebrate Longines' commitment to sophistication and performance, this series exemplifies timeless design. Each watch is endowed with COSC certified movements ensuring impeccable accuracy.

The Record collection from Longines watches showcases a variety of models, from three-hand automatics to chronographs, feeding to different tastes. Its exquisite dials come in striking colors and patterns, boxed in high quality materials such as stainless steel and 18K gold. The attention to detail is apparent in the fine craftsmanship and intricate details, making the Longines Record collection an personification of luxury and complication. These timepieces are ideal for sapient enthusiasts who appreciate both style and functionality.

A Record Of Exquisite Watchmaking

The cases used in the Longines Record collection watches illustrate the brand's commitment to quality and continuity. Being crafted from premium materials such as stainless steel or 18K gold, they give a perfect balance of strength and finesse. These cases are delicately polished and finished to a high standard, creating a lustrous and refined appearance. In some models diamonds are added to the cases for a touch of luxury. The case width ranges from 26 mm to 40 mm ensuring a perfect fit on the wrist of different individuals. The dials of the Longines Record series are strictly crafted with perfection and attention to detail. The colors vary from clean dials in classic black and white to further intricate ones with hues like blue. For those models equipped with a chronograph function, the dials generally include subdials for measuring ceased time. These subdials are designed with specific scales and hands for tracking seconds, minutes, and hours. In addition to chronograph functions, some watches in this collection may incorporate other complications, such as date displays adding practicality to these watches. The overall design of the dials combines legibility with elegance, making them functional and visually appealing for watch lovers seeking both style and practicality. The numerals and hands on Longines Record collection watches are generally designed for readability. They feature different colors, with blue, rose gold or silver hands and hour labels on dark dials for enhanced legibility. The numerals, often Arabic or Roman, and hour indexes in some cases are elegantly applied, embossed or diamond studded, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the watch while ensuring accurate timekeeping.

The Longines Record watches offer a vast range of straps, feeding to different tastes and occasions. These straps are crafted from high quality materials, including leather and stainless steel bracelets. The leather straps may come in colorful tones to round the watch's dial, while the stainless steel bracelet options offer a sportier and more durable choice. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, the straps in this collection enhance the overall appeal and wearability of the timekeepers.

In the Longines Record collection, strap colors feed to both men and women. In case of Longines watches for men, one will find a range of classic options such as black, brown, and deep blue leather straps, emphasizing timeless elegance and versatility. On the other hand, Longines watches for women offer lighter tones along with jewelry inspired stainless-steel cases, appealing to a further different sense of style and fashion preferences.

The Longines Record watches boast exceptional automatic movements, often COSC-certified, ensuring precise timekeeping. These robust movements are housed in cases with scratch resistant sapphire crystals, furnishing longevity and maintaining clarity over time. The Longines Record series serves a power reserve of up to 72 hours ensuring a longer run.

Celebrating Femininity

The Longines Record collection ladies watches embody a perfect mix of sophistication and femininity, despite the collection catering to both men and women. Longines Record ladies watch collections are designed with scrupulous attention to detail, featuring elegant dials in soft colors like mother-of-pearl and delicate shades of pink gold. The slender cases and refined straps round the feminine wrist beautifully, exuding grace and style. While celebrating femininity, these Longines Record collection ladies watches maintain the same high-quality movements and precision as their male counterparts in the Longines Record collection, making sure that women can enjoy both elegance and performance in their watches.

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