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ABOUT Seven Friday P-Series COLLECTION

Seven Friday P-Series Essence  - Model No. P1B/01

The SevenFriday P Series is one of the core collections of watches that embodies the brand's design philosophy of "industrial luxury", with its distinctive design philosophy that draws inspiration from the industrial revolution. This era of innovation, machinery, and progress serves as the foundation for the collection's aesthetics. 

Imagine the striking square cases with rounded edges, reminiscent of vintage industrial equipment, proudly displaying their robust elegance on your wrist. These cases house multi-layered dials, a canvas where creativity knows no bounds. Visual depth is achieved through the interplay of textures, materials, and exposed mechanics, making each glance at your watch a visual experience.

P Series: Precision, Presence, and a Touch of Industrial Allure

A defining feature of the Seven Friday P series watch collection is the exposure of its intricate dial mechanics, proudly displaying the inner workings, including balance wheels and gears, through multi-layered dials. Premium materials, such as stainless steel, PVD coatings, and genuine leather, contribute to the durability and overall aesthetics of these timepieces. In essence, the Seven Friday P series is a testament to the brand's commitment to redefining watch aesthetics by drawing inspiration from the industrial revolution's spirit of innovation, machinery, and the perfect synthesis of form and function. An auxiliary seconds indicator with the disc as well as dual 24 hours hands, indicating AM or PM time, are also part of the dial. Like the case, the dial is filled with whimsical design elements that play out as a sort of satire of industrial design. Seven Friday watches exude a cool and fresh take on fashionable timepieces, making each glance at your watch an exploration of intricate craftsmanship.

Embrace the Bold and Brilliant Spirit of the P Series

Visualize the dials of the Seven Friday P Series watches, where time doesn't simply tick away but unfolds as a work of art. The collection features an array of models that are amazingly unique and carry a charm that cannot be replicated. 

The Seven Friday watches for men in the P Series features a lugless case design and a case size of 47 mm, a little bit like a vintage television screen. It's a bold sized watch. 

The P1 variants, a true icon within the collection, features a polished stainless steel case and an intricate multi-layered dial with all models incorporating five layered construction. What is most striking, however, in the case of P1 is the different finishes and textures being applied like nylon animated ring, galvanic rhodium and matte black disc, etc. The stainless steel case is complemented by a hard brushed and sandblasted finish, giving the bulk of the watch an interesting raw metal look. Rather than individual elements, the hand of the watch acts as an extension to the dial. Accompanied with a matte black leather strap with black stitching or a stainless steel linked chain, which gives the watch a very classic look.

The Seven Friday P series watch in P2 models are essentially the same build except for the use of different materials and colours. Gunmetal is incorporated in most P2 models accompanied by lacquered Berlac rings in colours like rose gold and black. The strap options include stitched brown leather and stainless steel PVD gunmetal chain, creating a vintage atmosphere on your wrists. All this on top of the exposed balance wheel, recessed deep inside the case reminds you of the engine that makes the machine.

The SevenFriday watch P series take on an edgy persona in the P3 models, featuring a 3 or 4 piece construction that are PVD-coated, with some models featuring painted bezels in accent colours like pink, azure blue, and bright yellow. The colours used in the P3 models make them stand out from the rest of the lineup, it's fun, bold and playful. A variety of strap designs inspired by protective gear worn by riders presented in materials like canvas and silicon, give an extra element to its design. The dual balance wheel configuration on the dial is a striking feature that highlights its dual time zone functionality.

Kapoor Watch Company

Kapoor Watch Co., authorized retail store for Seven Friday watches, offers enthusiasts and collectors a gateway to the world of horological excellence. Our dedication to delivering an unparalleled watch-buying experience, coupled with the extensive catalogue of Seven Friday watches for men like the renowned Sevenfriday watch P series and its variants showcase the legacy and a commitment to providing exceptional timepieces.

Sevenfriday P series is characterised by its "industrial luxury" design philosophy, represents a fusion of rugged elegance and contemporary sophistication, making it a favourite among those who appreciate the artistry of time.