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Tudor 1926 - Model No. M91450-0005

Wrist watches have long been cherished not only for their utility and function but also for their status as symbols of timeless elegance and sophistication. Tudor has consistently distinguished itself as a brand synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and heritage among the multitude of watch manufacturers that have graced the horology world in recent years.

The Tudor 1926 watch, introduced in 2018, pays homage to the brand’s rich history while incorporating a modern twist on classic design elements. Named after the founding year of the brand, the 1926 watch is a perfect embodiment of the brand’s legacy.

The Creative Heritage Behind Tudor 1926 

Established by Hans Wildorf, Tudor was created with a specific vision and purpose of creating highly technical premium quality watches at an accessible price for a wider range of audience. Over the years, Tudor has managed to deliver the promise with an impeccable zeal and vast collection of Tudor watches for men and Tudor watches for women alike.

The creation of the Tudor 1926 watch collection honours the past and is reminiscent of the journey Tudor has covered since its inception. The collection features timeless and elegant designs perfect for a dressy attire or a laidback relaxed fit. The 1926 is a well-proportioned lightweight watch that feels comfortable on the wrist.

The appeal of the Tudor 1926 collection lies in the reserved and traditional design which is effortlessly elegant. It's one of the classics and can be integrated into your daily life in a simple way.

The Timeless Design Philosophy: Performance Beyond Timelines

The Tudor 1926 watch epitomises timeless design. It showcases the classic design language, combining old charm with enduring sophistication. The watch case is available in steel or the combination of steel and gold. It has a smooth finish, and an elegant look achieved by the seamless shape that rests comfortably on the wrist while offering a visual delight created from fluid, graceful lines in the case.

One of the most notable design elements of the watch is the delicately embossed dial, the embossing is very subtle and minimal but adds an extra layer of element for the wearer to relish every single time they look at the watch.

The watch also features arrow shaped hour and minute hands that give a neat look and lifts the watch from mundanity. In the Tudor 1926 collection, a metal wristband is also seen commonly. The bracelet, composed of seven interlocking links, provides great flexibility and comfort while maintaining very strong strength with a delicate aesthetic that is emphasised by the changing in satin and polished finishes. It's comfortable on the wrist, so it's easy to slip under the cuff of your shirt.

Despite the delicate detailing, the Tudor 1926 is equipped with cutting edge technical elements such as a case which is waterproof up to 100 metres, self-winding mechanical movement with a 38 hour power reserve, an inbuilt date function located at 3 o’clock, all these features make the collection top notch in terms of aesthetics and practicality alike.

There is an exhaustive range of models not just in terms of materials and combinations but also in terms of four dial sizes, each model is presented with a blend of different materials like stainless steel, steel and rose gold with an array of dial colours and styles to choose from: champagne, opaline and diamond set dials among others.

Apart from the elegant seven-link bracelet option, models in the 1926 Tudor collection are available with a leather strap with a folding clasp and safety catch. 

Kapoor Watch Co.

Kapoor Watch Co., an authorized Tudor retailer, stands as a paragon of excellence in the world of haute horology retail. The store holds its loyal commitment to authenticity and ensures that every timepiece presented is a true masterpiece that suits varied kinds of preferences and lifestyles.