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1926 Black Bay Black Bay 31/36/39/41 S&G Black Bay 32/36/41 Black Bay 54 Black Bay 58 Black Bay Bronze Black Bay Chrono Black Bay GMT Black Bay Pro Clair de Rose Pelagos Pelagos FXD Ranger TUDOR Royal


Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono - Model No. M25827KN-0001

Tudor watches are a fascinating mix of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation - all of which have made Tudor one of the most sought-after watch brands in the world. Over the years, Tudor has developed a distinctive identity of its own and it is now an emblem of precision and durability.

Tudor’s firm commitment to making durable high-end luxury timepieces at an accessible price point is one of the most distinguishing features. The early models of both Tudor watches for men and Tudor watches for women gained a reputation for their sophisticated mechanism and design, making them the favoured choice among divers, sportspersons and adventurers. This reputation for toughness was cemented in 1954 when the Tudor Submariner was introduced, a watch that proved itself supreme under the harshest underwater conditions. 

The earliest Tudor watches hinted at the brand’s individual aspirations of a breakthrough, it was clear that Tudor had an aim for stepping forward, eager to chart its own course.

Elevating Precision: The Next Chapter in Watchmaking

Tudor, in the 1940s ushered into the watchmaking world with the introduction of the brand’s first ever waterproof oyster case watch called the ‘Oyster Prince’- it was a huge step forward. The Oyster Prince not only elevated the aesthetics of Tudor men timepieces but also reinforced their reputation as a firm believer in resilience and innovation.

The oyster case was more than a feature, it was a symbol of Tudor’s evolution and would be incorporated in many Tudor designs for years to come.

Tudor Submariner watch collection, a timepiece that catered to the rising demand for dive watches in the 1950s. Following the release of submariner Tudor experimented with different elements, materials, techniques and designs to find characteristics that make up the perfect diver’s watch for the perfect Tudor men.

The spirit of innovation is at the core of Tudor and it still continues its legacy with every new release.

Crafting Moments: A Remarkable Collection and Impeccable Watchmaking

In the field of horology, timepieces are more than mere instruments to tell time, they are an expression of style, personality, and reflect values of the wearer.

At the heart of Tudor’s watchmaking values lies the commitment to create watches that reflect reliability, dependability and elegance. Tudor men's watches are a testimony of the brand’s heritage and rich history. The exhaustive range of watch designs that Tudor exudes sheer luxury.

Tudor Black Bay 

One of the most iconic collections from Tudor is the Black Bay, honouring Tudor’s 60 years of expertise in diver’s watches, powered by an in-house movement makes this collection a priced jewel of the brand. The Black Bay lineup is expansive and exploring the options is equivalent to an adventure expedition.

Black Bay 31/36/39/41 S&G is a more sport-chic variant of the Black Bay collection, enhancing aesthetics with steel & gold. While Black Bay Pro presents a model professional and solid appeal with its striking yellow and black details. 

The Tudor Black Bay Pro is purpose-built for adventurers, equipped with features to navigate challenging conditions. Super-LumiNova-coated indices and hands ensure high legibility, vital for mountaintop or deep valley exploration, while its rugged construction guarantees reliability in the wild.

Black Bay Fifty-Eight blends the contemporary and traditional and offers colour options while keeping it subtle.

Furthermore, Black Bay Chrono, Black Bay GMT and Black Bay Bronze, bring forth unique personalities in terms of features, design and aesthetic variations. The Tudor Black Bay caters to every choice of a discerning man, from chronographs, worldtimers to materials with unparalleled characteristics.

Tudor Pelagos 

Delving deeper into divers’ watches the brand boasts of Tudor Pelagos, a name derived from Ancient Greek for ‘open or deep sea’. Crafted in Titanium, an element known for its toughness and longevity, the watch is robust, anti-corrosive and anti-tarnish.

Pelagos FXD

The Tudor Pelagos FXD is a professional diver's watch crafted for the most demanding underwater expeditions. With a robust titanium case, helium escape valve, and exceptional water resistance, it's the ultimate tool for deep-sea exploration.

Tudor Ranger

Tudor Ranger is built for the adventurers, the timepiece is equipped with features to assist wearers in difficult conditions faced in the wild. The indices and hands are coated with Super Lumi-Nova that makes the watch highly legible, even on mountaintops or deep valleys. The watch features refined clean lines with an integrated link chain bracelet that makes the watch look seamless and cohesive.

Tudor Royal

Royal from Tudor represents a blend of versatility and elegance. This collection offers an expansive range of aesthetics and sizes. This stunning lineup pays tribute to the brand's historic models while adding modern touches.

The dials of the Tudor Royal watches are a true marvel. Adorned with intricate details and available in various captivating color combinations and features like date apertures, relief or diamond hour-markers, they exude charm and versatility.

The Tudor Royal collection boasts refined aesthetics, attention to detail with an exceptional versatility, making these watches ideal for those who seek a versatile and stylish everyday timepiece.

Tudor 1926

The watch collection name takes inspiration from the year Tudor was founded while reflecting the legacy of the brand. The sleek sophisticated cases with the classic finishes blend traditional heritage and contemporary reliability.

Tudor Glamour Date

The Tudor Glamour Date collection offers timeless sophistication with a variety of dial options and meticulous craftsmanship. Whether in stainless steel or two-tone cases, these watches exude elegance suitable for any occasion.

The Tudor Glamour Date+Day collection embodies timeless elegance and practicality. With its sophisticated design and day-date complication, it offers versatility and refinement for everyday wear.

Explore the Tudor Men’s Watch Collection

Discover the unparalleled collection of Tudor men’s watches at Kapoor Watch Co., an authorized Tudor retailer. From the dynamic sporty Black Bay watches to the timeless sophistication of Tudor Royal, our expansive catalogue of Tudor collections caters to every gentleman's taste and need.